"I highly recommend Keith Tucker and his team to you.
With his guidance I have overcome Psoriatic arthritis, Osteoarthritis
and keep myself in great shape all year round Simply amazing!"


"I have been training here since January 2015 and
absolutely love it!Keith's limitless energy and enthusiasm for
what he does is both inspiring and motivating,and his knowledge
of the human body is second to none. I've been able to push
my body further than I ever thought possible in a safe and
fun environment. I'm definitely fitter now than I've ever been
and actually look forward to every training session -
even first thing on a Monday morning!"


" love the relaxed, informal feel to the training sessions. It
enables us to have fun and still work really hard. The shrinking
waistline, new wardrobe, increased strength and
the elimination of my lower back pain keep me
motivated and never have me dreading a training
session. If you ever get the opportunity to work
with Keith Tucker on any aspect of health or fitness...
Go for it! You really won’t regret it "


"I've been training with Keith for over a year now and
I can honestly say that it's has been the best thing
I've done since I had kids!Keith's unique blend of knowledge,
enthusiasm, humour and empathy makes every training session
different, fun and purposeful. He was unphased
by my, er, aging and out of shape body at the start
and knew the most effective yet safe exercises
for me to start with, and has helped me
build on those foundations."

1to1 Personal Training

Imagine Having Energy All Day, Being Confident In Your Body’s Strength, Able To Wear Whatever You Wanted, Being Pain Free and Mobile….

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Group Personal Training

Workout with friends or make new ones it’s your choice. Either way you’ll get great results over coming weight loss plateaus, weaknesses and injuries…

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Body Transformation Training

Want a class that is limited in numbers, ensures personal attention in every session, gets you body image you desire BUT does not lose the fun and personality of group training?

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Personal Nutrition

Need to lose weight? Manage Chronic Disease? Take control of your health or health condition? Nutrition is the key to the body shape you desire and a higher quality of life you disserve…

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