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Manual Muscle Testing

Manual Muscle Testing, Orthopaedic Assessment, Coordination, Assessment and Correction For Everyday Pain. Tired of every day pain stopping you from living your BEST life or even performing daily activities?

Many of my clients answer YES to one or more of the following questions:

  • Do you have tired, stiff, inflexible, achy muscles, joints or back?
  • Does your posture need improving?
  • Do your joints feel tight or compressed?
  • Have you been suffering pain, nagging or severe, for several months to years or possibly decades?
  • Do you have a reoccurring injury or one that feels better when you’re resting it BUT as soon as you use it again it as if you’d never stopped?
  • Are you seeing another therapist such as a Chiropractor / Osteopath / Physiotherapist / Masseur who are doing a really good job of managing the situation, but you’d like resolution?

If any of these sound like your situation then please read on because I can help you.

Manual Muscle Testing, Orthopaedic Assessment, Coordination, Assessment and Correction For Everyday Pain

My names Keith Tucker, my mission is to uncover why you are in pain as quickly as possible and to develop a therapeutic approach to help your body heal and for you to move more efficiently and without pain.

To do this we’ll start by understanding your journey to this point. Together we will look at the history of the injury, your overall health history, contributing lifestyle factors and a snapshot of your dietary habits. This is all covered in a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire that I will send to you before our first session.

As part of my client intake process, we perform a rigorous assessment of how your body works and operates.  Below is a description of each physical assessment tool I’ll use with you as part of our first sessions together, to help me determine why you are suffering with pain in your body and to help us develop the best approach to regain your movement, health and vigour!

My mission is to uncover why you are in pain as quickly as possible and fix the underlying cause.   So in our first session together I will conduct a full assessment as well as reviewing a comprehensive history of your issue.

Manual Muscle Testing

Manual muscle testing is a method of testing correct muscle response. I’ll work round your body, testing each muscle group to determine whether each muscle responds correctly. As wheather there are patterns of incorrect response that are contributing or causing your injury or pain.

Joint Range of Motion Assessment

In this group of assessments, I will be testing the range of motion you have at each joint and which motions or movements cause you pain or discomfort.

Joint Coordination

How YOU move a joint can be a good indicator of some of the reasons why it got injured, why it keeps getting injured or why the area of the body is painful or stiff and difficult to move. A lack of coordination at a joint will leave it open to injury or reinjury, could be restrict in its range of motion and maybe weak or inhibited.

By working through the assessment process together, we will…

  • Identify the underpinning cause of the problem – Because by understanding the history of your problem and completing a comprehensive assessment  of your whole body.
  • Correct the Underlying Problem – From assessment and your health history we’ll determine the correct areas to stimulate, inhibit, exercise, stretch, re-coordinate or massage. We’ll give you the right exercises / drills / stretches and therapeutic interventions to take home, to speed your return to being pain free.
  • Further Advice  – From the assessment and your health history form as well as our conversations together,  I may also give you some advice on diet and reducing inflammation, or speeding healing through making different choices as meal times.

To book a consultation to discuss how I could help you please fill in the form below and myself or my team will book you in for a quick phone consultation.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you go from strength to strength as you return to a pain free life.

Keith Tucker