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Massage Solutions for Everyday Pain

Tired of every day pain stopping you from living your BEST life or even performing daily activities

Many of my clients answer YES to one or more of the following questions.

  • Do you have tired, stiff, inflexible or achy muscles?
  • Does your posture need improving?
  • Do your joints feel tight or compressed?
  • Have you been suffering pain, nagging or severe for several months to years, or possibly decades?
  • Do you have a reoccurring injury or one that feels better when you’re resting it BUT as soon as you start using it again it’s as if you’d never stopped?
  • Are you seeing another therapist such as a Chiropractor / Osteopath / Physiotherapist but could do with some massage work so that their corrections last longer or work quicker?

If any of these sound like your situation then please read on because I can help.

Why Choose us?

My name is Keith Tucker and I qualified in massage back in 2000. In my practice I use massage as a standalone therapy for aches, pain and injuries or as a complementary therapy with the other therapies I do (neurology, movement and nutrition), to provide a comprehensive programme of health / healing management.

Massage is also a great add on when you are working with other therapists. I work closely with Chiropractors, Osteopaths and physiotherapists doing the massage work that they often don’t have time for in their treatment sessions.

Using massage to help you unwind your injury or pain is about looking at the body as a whole. Many therapists look at the site of pain and work on that but often the cause can be somewhere else.

My mission is to uncover why you are in pain as quickly as possible and fix the underlying cause. So in our first session together I will conduct a full assessment as well as reviewing a comprehensive history of your issue.

In the physical assessment we look at all the possible contributors of your pain / injury. For instance people are often surprised to find that tightness and restriction in their shins, thighs and tummy are causing their neck pain for instance.

At the end of most sessions I’m likely to set you some exercises to do to improve your recovery.

. By working together, we will…
  • Identify the underpinning cause of the problem – By understanding the history of your problem and completing a comprehensive assessment of your whole body.
  • Correct The Underlying Problem – From assessment and your health history we’ll determine the correct areas to massage. We’ll then give you the right exercises / drills to take home, to speed your return to being pain free.
  • Further Advice  – From the assessment and your health history form as well as our conversations together, I may also give you some advice on diet and reducing inflammation or speeding healing through making different choices as meal times.

To book a consultation to discuss how I could help you, please fill in the form below and myself or my team will book you in for a quick phone consultation.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you go from strength to strength as you return to a pain free life.

Keith Tucker