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Personal Nutrition

Use Nutrition Correctly To Take Back Your Health Or Improve Your Performance On The Playing Field Or Board Room

Take Action And Take Back Your Health!

Getting Your Diet Right Is The Missing Link In Your Journey To A Healthy, Pain Free Life or High Performing Goals

Using foods, specific laboratory tests and targeted supplementation, my team and I Can Help You to overcome health complaints such as:

  1. Digestive issues
  2. Blood Sugar Issues
  3. Fatigue / Lack Of Focus, Concentration Or Motivation
  4. Joint Or Muscle Pain
  5. Improve Recovery From Heavy Training
  6. Improve recovery From Illness Or Injury
  7. Hormonal symptoms
  8. Weight gain
  9. Thyroid issues

Eating the right diet for your constitutional requirements or ‘Metabolic Type’ is the biggest measure you can take to achieve optimal health, weight and longevity.

Working 1 to 1 with me, we’ll develop a bespoke programme to ensure you’re nourishing your body correctly.

If you have illness, chronic degeneration, an inability to lose weight or are seeking to optimise your performance in sport or in the work place, together we’ll start the process of unwinding the metabolic chaos or producing optimum performance.

By the end of this process you’ll know exactly what to eat at each meal, feel energised, have improve focus or concentration, regulate your blood sugar, balance your mood, reduce your symptoms and help you to lose unwanted fat from your body.

With today’s scientific advancement, it is becoming clear as we study gene expression that being healthy and symptom free is about nutrition and lifestyle factors and less about the ‘hand you have been dealt’.

Together we’ll address your diet and the lifestyle factors that have been holding up your progress.

Laboratory (Lab) Testing To Focus And Supercharge Results

Although we have access to many lab tests we have 3 that we usually lead with when we think it’s appropriate:

GI Ecologix: The GI Ecologix uses cutting edge technology to assess the microbiome (the community of bacteria in your gut), from a single stool sample. It will detect pathogenic bacteria, parasites, friendly (and not so friendly) bacteria. In addition, it also includes markers for digestive enzyme sufficiency, inflammation, Gut Immune System activation & Intestinal Permeability.

Leap-MRT: This is your blood based immune system against 170 foods and food chemicals. Eating foods that your blood based immune system is sensitive to could be at the root of a person’s ill health leading the immune system to attack the host or cause inflammation and symptoms. As this is a problem in the blood based immune system, we are often quite unaware of the food sensitivity. It is very difficult to detect through observation or food diaries as this type of reaction can happen anywhere between 4 and 72 hours of ingestion. It can be dose dependent and the symptom is often non-digestive in its representation. For example the sensitivity could manifest as symptoms such as muscle or joint pain, migraine headaches, mood problems, concentration problems, lack of motivation or global weakness in muscles.

The DUTCH Test: This test offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones along with their metabolites. Additionally, the daily pattern of free cortisol (stress hormone), is included along with melatonin and your Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR). The test also includes a genetic oxidative stress profile making the DUTCH test a fantastic baseline test to understand how the body is responding to stress. It allows us to identify any hormonal imbalances that maybe contributing to your primary health issues. It is also an excellent objective test to be taken during or at the end of your protocol to ensure things are moving things in the right direction.

With over 2 decades working in the Health industry and helping people to develop health plans to overcome their ill health and ailments, the core principles of this program have been proved time and again, providing life changing results every single time.

Knowledge is power!

One of the reasons for success, is that I educate you as we go through the process, ensuring you know the ‘Why’ of each step we take in the development of your bespoke diet and supplement protocols.

At the end of our process, I will have imparted the knowledge and skills for you to be able to determine the right diet for yourself, to fine tune the diet and to have a way of measuring the success of that diet month by month, week by week, day by day and meal by meal.

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