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Neurological Solutions for Everyday Pain

Tired of every day pain stopping you from living your BEST life or even performing daily activities?

Many of my clients answer YES to one or more of the following

  • Have you been suffering pain, nagging or severe for several months to years or possibly decades?

  • Have you tried many different approaches to fixing it
    but the pain keeps coming back?

  • Are you in pain but the doctors says the scans are clear and there is nothing wrong?

  • Do you have a reoccurring injury or one that feels better when you’re resting it BUT as soon as you use it again it’s as if you’d never stopped?

  • Has your (Chiropractor / Osteopath / Physiotherapist /
    Masseur), kept you moving over the years but your still not quite fixed?

If any of these sound like your situation then please read on because I can help.

Why Choose Us?

My name is Keith Tucker and I study and work in the field of Applied Movement Neurology. I use a neurological approach as a standalone therapy for aches, pain and injuries. Or as a complementary therapy with the other therapies I do, to provide a comprehensive programme of health / healing management.

My mission is to uncover why you are in pain as quickly as possible, to develop a therapeutic approach to help your body heal, and for you to move freely and efficiently without pain.

A neurological approach is often the missing link to someone’s pain or injury complaint. When we do exercises, massage, manipulations or stretches, we are treating the mechanics of the body. But these approaches don’t assess the neurological misfiring’s of the brain, muscles and organs; which can contribute to you injuring yourself. It can stop the injury from healing or cause pain, joint restriction or a lack of coordination at the muscle, joint or area of the body.

Your nervous system controls every aspect of your body. It controls the smallest things such as cellular function, all the way up to the big things, such as your posture and how you move.

Therefore if you are in pain there is likely a neurological aspect to the problem. If left unsolved will leave you tight, stiff, unbalanced and in pain, possibly for the rest of your life.

My mission is to uncover why you are in pain as quickly as possible and fix the underlying cause through Applied Movement Neurology.

Ben Pessock had some great results with Applied Movement Neurology.

By working together, we will…

  • Identify the underpinning neurological problem – By assessing the information coming out from and back to your brain and nervous system. Once errors in communication have been identified, I’ll apply the correct stimulation to your nervous system through touch and reset any problems. Returning you to your previous ‘pain free’ state!

  • Correct neurological control of your joints – When you have been in pain for sometime, often the area becomes mal-coordinated. Whether it’s your spine, knee or shoulder; the reduction in coordination leads to increased stiffness and soreness as well as an increased re-injury risk. Simple drills can restore coordination, releasing tight restricted muscles and fix what appears weak areas of the body relieving pain.

  • Ensure all reflexes are working correctly  – From our posture to the way we walk. Reflex plays an important role in how we control our movements. If there is a fault in this system, it can lead to postural changes and instability in the spine or in joints; as muscle action is not being reflexively coordinated properly. Reflex action can be easily be assessed for and restored through some simple stimulations.

  • Restore flexibility, muscle imbalance and posture – Once the information out from, and into the nervous system has been corrected. We can asses for real imbalances in muscle strength; weakness or length. The correct neurological stimulations can almost immediately increase activation of a muscle; decrease the activation of a muscle or give you quick and permanent gains in flexibility. Freeing your movement and reducing pain.

What happens in a typical session with me?

Please see the assessment page on this website to get a comprehensive understanding of our first sessions together. Once we have gone through these assessments I’ll start working on the specific problems that we find.

As we work together, I’ll set you movements / exercises to do between treatment sessions to improve the communication; or coordination of your area of pain and speed your recovery.

 Why Neurology?

As stated, every aspect of your body is controlled by the nervous system. After more than a decade and a half of working with people, using a purely mechanical approach of exercise and massage. As well as working closely with other high level mechanical based therapists, such as chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists,; it became clear to me that we can’t just treat the mechanics of the body.

It’s of
CRITICAL importance that we also understand and treat the faults that are
coming from the controlling system of the body, the brain and nervous system.

Although when we do exercises, manipulation or massage we are affecting the nervous system; this stimulation is often not specific enough to correct faults in communication.

To correct
these we need to understand specifically what it not working and correct it
with the right stimulation.

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To book a consultation to discuss how Applied Movement Neurology could help you; please fill in the form below and myself or my team will book you in for a quick phone consultation.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you go from strength to strength as you return to a pain free life.