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How To Deadlift

Today we’ll talk to you about the deadlift. Why the deadlift? Well the deadlift is how we pick everything up safely. It keeps our back nice and straight and it means that we’re not compromised.

So let’s look at the deadlift technique. I put my toes under the bar, sink my hips back, drop down, grab the bar. Although we use lots of different grips, today we’re just going to go overhand. Keep your shoulder blades retracted and then push through your heels bringing your hips to the bar. On the way back down, I go to the hips first, then I go to the knees. If I bend the knees first, I just take my kneecaps off with the bar, so I get my knees out of the way, I come down making sure my back isn’t hunched.The Deadlift

I have a mirror here in front of me, so it’s good to get some feedback. I’ve been watching myself in the mirrormaking sure everything’s in place.

So toes under the bar, come down as you can see, I’ve lifted the bar up. We find most people don’t have the flexibility initially to get down to the lower position and they compromise in tucking their bum under or curving their back and being in a far from ideal position. So we start with our clients with a little bit of raise and as they get more flexible or stronger, we move them down one riser at a time.

Start with a bar that you know that you can lift and then you can add weight to that as you get confident with the technique and as your body gets stronger. So that’s the deadlift. This is where we start our clients off with their weight training to ensure they can lift stuff off the ground safely.