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Should I Have Muscle Soreness After Training

I have been training people for quite a long time, it’s best not to admit how long ;-).  But one of the things people regularly ask me as they start training is, ‘should i have muscle soreness after my training sessions’?

Now obviously that depends on what you do.  If you’re going for a walk then the answer is no, not really, unless you’re walking alot futher than you’d otherwise be use to.

When should I have muscle soreness after training

But if you’re introducing weight training and you’d like to see results from you’re weight training, wether you want to lose weight or tone up or gain muscle. the answer is yes.

After training you should be stiff and sore.  Its called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).  We’ll talk more about DOMS in a separate video.

DOMS should last between three and five days, so DOMS normally passes in three days, a particulary severe case is five days and its probably you lifted a little bit to heavy.  If it continues for more than that, then definietly speak to your trainer and find out if you’ve pulled or strained something.

So yes, you should be stiff and sore after training.