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 So, what are the best training methods?

Well that depends on what you’re training for!   Or what is that we are trying to achieve.  If we pick up a magazine for running or cycling you’ll find endurance training programmes, or a body building magazine for strength training.  There are plenty of magazines and newspapers that talk about weight loss, but there is also training for longevity or lifestyle.

We all choose to start training for many different reasons, what’s yours?

Is it about weight loss, muscle gain,  do you want to be stronger?   Do you simply want to have the energy you need to run around with your kids or grand kids?

There are so many different types of training methods out there, which one do you choose?  Which one will get you the results that you want, in the time that you want?

There are many different types of training protcols available depending on what it is you want to achieve.   From Weight Training, HIIT, Running, Swimming , Yoga and Pilates.  They all give different results and vary in the amount time it takes to achieve your results.  Lets take a look at what gives you fast and effective results.

Many people ask me, what is the best training protocol?  Usually they are talking about weightloss, so lets look at that.   When we are starting out and we are wanting to make the body lose a little bit more weight or tone up. HIIT is often the best way to go about dropping a bit of body fat, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.   Lots of magazines are talking about it, other trainers are talking about it.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training for weightloss

This type of training method burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time, so you get a big bang for your buck.  The downside is, longterm it can be stressful for your body and could lead to injuries, so you want to mix it in with other types of training styles.  But if you want fast results its HIIT training.  So you work really hard then you rest and recover, work really hard then rest and recover.  Make sure you warm up thoroughly and cool down well.

So if you want the biggest bang for your buck its HIIT training, High Intensity Interval Training.  Its a hard strong training protocol that burns fat form your body and helps you tone up.  That’s what we’re looking for, often when people ask me, what is the best training method?