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What Is The Least Amount Of Training I Can Get Away With

A question I regularly get asked is, ‘What is the least amount I can get away with in terms of exercise’?  ‘How can I just do as little training as possible and still get some results?’  So I can maybe lose a little bit of fat,  or so I can train my heart and lungs so that I’m a bit fitter and can climb stairs and not feel too out of breath?

The line that’s going around at the moment is that 30 minuites, three times a week is a good amount of time.  But you can actually get away with 10 miniutes! So you can do 10 minutes of exercise three to fives times a week BUT it’s got to be intense!

How to achieve it

You have to work really hard, pushing yourself as much as you can.  Get on a spin bike or find a nice hill, or if you can run then run. You can even do a nice quick HIIT training routine. Do a warm up into it then go as hard as you can for 10 minutes, cool down and call it a day.

So 10 minutes is the least amount time you can spend training,  as long as you are going as hard as you can without hurting yourself, three to five times a week.

That’s the least amount of time you can getaway with.